There is a stationed veteran team including a veteran doctor to look after the medical requirements of the farm goats. There are regular round ups through all the rest houses to assure the health of each and every goat. All the goats are given their dosages of PPR and FMD on required intervals. Apart from this every day the goats are given Calcium syrups to strengthen their bones and digestive tonics to keep their system clean. De-worming is also very essential so it is done after short intervals under doctors' assistance. All the other medical treatment is done at the farm as well since all the major required medicines are stocked and stored here..

Jilani Goat Farm is also registered at the regional animal hospital from where we get the feedback for medication of the goat or any sort of epidemic illness in the goats. Full medical attention and extra care is given to the goats for the best health and to maintain their beauty.