Jilani Goat Farm has been entirely designed to make it compatible with the luxury living for the goats. The rest homes have been evenly divided per/sq.ft in such a way that every goat is comfortable in using its space. Every single technical point has been kept in mind before the elevation of any rest home viz: ventilation, height, mobility, and flooring and humidity control devices. The main aspect of designing is its floor which is 3ft-4ft above ground level with an average spacing to allow their droppings flow down. The accumulated dung is later cleaned and removed through small window opening below. Rest homes are planned in such a manner that during any climate or weather it gives complete comfort to the goats..

Each area of the farm is systematically arranged for an easy access of its facility. The divisions of areas are as per the requirement of the goats to keep them comfortable. A better infrastructure is most necessary thing to give proper attention & care to goats on routine basis.