The farm developers have selected for you the best looking goat breeds with the maximum result orientation of their feed. These breeds are not only beautiful but also have a physical structure so as to bare their weight with full health without restricting their mobility. Therefore specifically we keep Sojat , Malwa & Sirohi breeds only.

The Sojat breed is from Rajasthan who are mainly white in colour and without horns by birth whereas the Malwa breed is also mainly white in colour but with horns, their origin is Madhya Pradesh. The Sirohi breed is also from Rajasthan with mix patches of light & dark brown colours on them. All these breed when given a proper care and nourishment show good results on their health. These breeds have a broad shoulder and waist area which can bare the heavy weight of their body so even after gaining a massive weight their mobility is just normal. Maximum numbers of does (she goat) of all these breeds yield large quantity of milk thus allowing their kids to grow stronger right after their birth.