The goats are given shed feeding to reduce wasting of their energy which results in good weight gain. They are fed with grains and pulses which have high nutrition values such as Barley, Wheat, Chickpeas and Corn. Feeding patterns and substances are changed periodically which makes them eat more by their own hunger and likening. To help them improve their digestion they are given digestive tonics and the playful area which gives them an exercise to keep them fit and healthy. The location of the farm and its originated water is also very helpful for them to gain weight.

Correct feeding pattern is prepared according to the climate and weather to suit their health & help them gain weight. The feeding utensils is cleaned each time before giving them to eat for maintaining hygiene and avoid spreading of dieses among the lot. Insecticides are sprayed in the storage area of stock for better cleanliness and to avoid illness to goats.

All the goats at our farm take the feeds on their own and none of them is artificially fed through pipes or any sort of other unnatural process. These goats are raised as pets therefore no tempering is done to their body through any means. There are all naturally healthy goats at Al Fahad Goat Farm.